Meet Your GPS

Grant McNamara | Founder & Creative Director


Having appeared more than a dozen times on the cover and in spreads of national and local wedding magazines, Grant McNamara gets wedding fashion better than most guys. He's been in, and produced, dozens more photoshoots for fashion, style and weddings. He's dressed athletes and celebrities, but nothing is more exciting to him than helping each guy out on their wedding day.

Weddings have always been something special for Grant, and he loves helping each groom look and feel their best. He believes that the groom deserves (almost) the same attention — and attention-to-detail — that the bride receives. Grant knows grooms and their groomsmen care about looking good, but don't always know how. That's why he became the GPS.

After years of experience running a custom clothing company and working with hundreds of clients, Grant knows how to make you dapper. With his connections in the wedding, fashion and grooming industries, you don't have to look further than Grant for advice and suggestions.

Your GPS is ready to make the biggest day of your life feel like, well, the biggest day of your life.

Sal Garza | Stylist


Sal Garza has been the go-to style expert to family and friends for more than a decade, and after recently styling and planning his own wedding, he decided to turn this hobby into a profession. He enjoys the nuance and particularity that goes into everyone’s individual style. Sal wants every groom to bring his own taste to the table, in order to create a truly unique wedding look, tailored perfectly in both fit and personality.

A lifelong musician, Sal previously worked in arts management for numerous major cultural institutions in Chicago. Working with some of the biggest divas in opera has prepared him for anything (or anyone) your wedding day has in store! Having overseen shows, tours, and performing artists, he brings an expertise in logistical planning and execution. With meticulous attention to detail, Sal seamlessly blends creativity with the highest level of hospitality and warmth, making each groom and groomsmen feel exceptionally well-cared-for on their big day.