When I first told my groomsmen we had a stylist coming, they asked what that meant. By the end of the day, the engaged ones booked Grant for their own weddings. He’s a cool guy and knows what he’s talking about. He helped me with my tuxedo as well and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.
— Jordy M., Groom, 01/06/2018

If Grant is available on your wedding day, book him. The peace of mind he provides is invaluable and the wedding photos look better because of how he helped style them. Plus, the groomsmen thought it was awesome and really enjoyed it as well.
— Matt R, Groom, 10/21/2017

I honestly don’t know what me and my groomsmen would’ve done without Grant at my wedding. From ironing the shirts and steaming the tuxes, to getting my dad, groomsmen and myself dressed, to tying all the bow ties and adjusting our pocket squares between pictures, Grant was the guys’ MVP of the day. He’s funny and kept us smiling, stress-free all day.

He also worked well with our photographer and they came up with some great shots for us. I had no idea everything Grant could help with and it was just surprise after surprise.

Grant was the best thing we never knew we needed, as I originally didn’t think this was something I would need. At this point, I’m only upset that I didn’t have him help me with my tux. His taste is impeccable and he’s probably the best dressed guy I’ve seen in person.
— Jim C, Groom, 07/29/2017

I first met with Grant about six months before my wedding to talk about what I’d wear. He learned what I liked, he understood what I wanted and he set up an appointment at a custom clothier for me a few months out. Such an awesome service. And, he got me a discount on the suit. It turned out amazing!

Not only that, talking with Grant was like talking with a friend that just knows how to look and be cool. He had awesome tips and places to go to, like where to get the big day beard trim and pre-rehearsal dinner shoe shine.

The day of the wedding, Grant was there early making sure everything was ready for all the guys. He even sewed a button back on a suit jacket for my best-man.

First-class service from a really cool dude. Absolutely worth every penny.
— Jeremy W, Groom, 04/29/2017

I hired the GPS for my best friend who was the groom since he is one of the worst dressed guys you’ll meet. Needless to say, Grant was exactly the fix as he showed up to the rehearsal dinner in a cool outfit and the perfect suit for the ceremony and party.

It was also a gift to myself since Grant helped me with my suit and wedding day dressing too. Highly recommend. Really great guy, thanks Grant!
— Eric G, Best Man, 03/25/2017