What is GPS?

wedding gps (groom's personal stylist) is the groom's wedding day fashion navigator, ensuring everything goes smoothly and everyone looks polished from beginning to end.


When you drive or walk to someplace you're unfamiliar with, you use GPS. If you're getting married and aren't a fashion guru, you use GPS. The Groom's Personal Stylist will ensure you look perfectly dapper on your wedding day.

A day-of GPS combines the services of a traditional stylist and a dresser. The GPS is there to help the groom, groomsmen and family get ready — steam suits/tuxes, shine shoes, iron shirts, tie ties/bow ties, pin boutonnières — whatever it is that you may need during the day. But the stylist also has a fashion background, so the other half of the GPS’s job is to help style your wedding-day shoots, helping prop style your garment, shoes and jewelry for the photographer or staging portraits.

During your initial conversation, your GPS will break down exactly who you are, what you like and what you need to be sure that you are looking dapper on the wedding day. This is when he asks you about the things you haven’t thought of yet, like how to make sure that your suit will look great next to her gown.

Not only will your GPS keep you looking good on your wedding day, he is an expert on menswear and can find you the perfect suit or tuxedo to wear. Given his relationships with the best custom clothiers in Chicago, your GPS can point you in the right direction and get you the best look at the best price.

Prefer off-the-rack or rentals? Not a problem. As a stylist, the GPS has been dressing men in all types of suits and tuxedos for years, and has connections at numerous retail and rental stores.